Suzanne Wright Crain M.Ed is the originator of a way of working with the imaginal through a daily practice called The Cosmic Body. This practice incorporates her background as a former continuum movement teacher, playworker and artist, with an innate ability to help others create a collaborative relationship with their body’s natural desire to be self-healing and self correcting.

She was mentored by Emilie Conrad, founder of Continuum until her passing in Spring of 2014. She continues to work with Susan Harper’s Continuum Montage and collaborates with numerous colleagues. Other somatic influences include: Hubert Goddard, Deborah Raoult, Robert Litman, and Cass Phelps. Her background as a playworker and artist creates a playful and creative atmosphere for learning. She works and lives primarily in San Antonio, TX and has a studio at Blue Star Arts Complex. She also has a growing practice near Versailles, KY.