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Life is Short, enjoy the moment

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Recently, a little friend and I went to the creek to collect some Living Water for a Black Walnut dye bath. We sang to the water spirits and had so much joy and freedom in the beauty of the day! It takes but a moment to perspective shift and see/feel/experience the world from the "eyes" of a cloud, rock, cicada or tree.

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Lighten Up.

While visiting our farm a few weeks ago, I was headed to my friends to help her unload a truck load of junk, when we saw the mail carrier delivering some packages to the front door. He had backed the mail truck up to the front porch, over the walkway and the grass. My friend and I sat beside the road amazed, we couldn't believe his audacity. We couldn't wait to give him a piece of our mind, collectively! Then we noticed how blissfully, ignorantly happy he was. Neither of us could speak. In that moment I felt all my anger dissolve and I realized how he is living in his own reality and how amazing it is that we have the freedom to do this. So we waved and that was the end of it. I keep thinking about that encounter. It's re-framing my world. Every person is precious and sometimes instead of seeing the God in them, I want to improve them. His vehicle wasn't heavy enough to make ruts in the yard and it was so dry there, no harm was done. Finding more tolerance for others beliefs and actions and softening my heart is always helpful. Try it (especially when you find out who voted for whom).

Prints on Cloth now available

“Cherishing Community Vision” 
Art Quilt 
86” X 45” 
Cotton/ Handmade cloth * 
NFS (Prints Available)

Inspired by a vision I had during a dive during the January 2014 Continuum teacher meeting, this piece depicts the essence of that experience. In the vision, I was part of the herd crossing a large deep river, some crossed and as the column got closer to the center of the river it turned and began moving with the current downstream. I looked around and saw many of my beloveds, who were riding great steeds like elephants, horses, dragons, some were dolphins and whales and some flew overhead. There was the sense that everyone was empowered and we were in the flow of life. I know at least two others who have described similar visions of our community, in slightly different ways.

Upper Panel- Living Water Spirit Cloth dyed in black walnut then over-dyed with indigo.

Borders are from Living Water Naga cloth.

Middle Panel- An old bed sheet (from my bed) that had lots of good energy, which was used as a blotter for Emilie’s Shroud and holds images from many clothes made over the last decade, including many from Emilie’s lost collection. Some of the processes include, marbling; deconstructed silk screen; silk screen; painting; Applique; and quilting.

Lower Panel- Hand painted resist; over dye; shibori; applique and quilting.

*(with the exception of one aboriginal piece original design, “Australia” by W. Evans distributed by M & S Textiles) in the bottom panel.

I am using a service that takes photographs of my work and prints them on cloth. It is very reasonable, so if you want one let me know the size and I will tell you the cost.

50% Off Sale Just in time for...

Later, when I pulled this cloth from the dye bath and opened it, all I could do was dance and move. It's saying "clear out your studio and make room for what is coming!" I don't know what that will be, but I'm starting an original art sale tomorrow and continuing every First Thursday 6-9 PM until I have no inventory left. Paintings, art cloth everything needs to find a home. (Also, I want to "Womanifest" an agent/gallery to represent me so that I can focus on the work, so if you know of anyone that would be a good match for my work, please let me know). Then I'm going to move out the furniture and create a clear space to move and work. Who knows, maybe I will become a performance artist, with the Living Water Art holding the space.

First Thursday Art Sale! 
6-9 PM 
November 3 & December 1st, 2016 
Blue Star Arts Complex 1420 S. Alamo Upstairs Studios 
(210) 496-5692

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Bug Shaman - Open for Business

Recently I discovered a latent talent to communicate and make treaties with insects. The collective hive mind is quiet interesting to me and they get little respect. We cooperate through mutual respect and caring. If you have need of my ambassadorial services with the insect kingdom, we can experiment and I can work long distance. Stranger things are happening.

Make a great life for yourself, filled with love and magic.

Out With The Old

Greetings Friends, Colleagues and Beloveds! 

Letting go of 2015 was easy with help from the work of some amazing women, my body healed many problems that had been a nuisance between 6 and 25 years. I learned of N.A.E.T. which stands for Naumbudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques. Invented by a woman chiropractor, she developed a system that combines acupuncture with 25 hours of avoidance that eliminates allergies. I am no longer allergic to monosodium glutamate, so no more migraines. Moving on, I found the FODMAP diet out of Australia, which stands for:

"Fermentable The process through which gut bacteria degrade undigested carbohydrate to produce gases (hydrogen, methane and carbon dioxide) 

Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) found in; wheat, rye, onions and garlic 
Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) found in ; legumes/pulses 
Disaccharides Lactose found in; milk, soft cheese, yoghurts 
Mono-saccharide Fructose (in excess of glucose) found in honey, apples, high fructose corn syrups 
Polls Sugar polls (eg. sorbitol, mannitol) found in some fruit and vegetables and used as artificial sweeteners."

This definition is from the website, The Monash University Low FODMAP diet. One day avoiding honey, soy, avocado, mushrooms and onions and I felt amazing! They have an app for $7.99 that you can purchase for your phone, it lists over 250,000 foods tested for FODMAP levels.

I am feeling hopeful and healthy on so many levels. Knowing which foods to avoid while I rebuild by gut bacteria, will allow me to heal. Maybe this will help one of you!

West Texas Campout- Experiment

Guided by the Imaginal, and holding the desire to listen deeply to Spirit, I was called to west Texas, to work in collaboration with my friend Imelda Garcia (from Alpine and El Paso) and my colleague Amber Grey from Santa Fe. We started the year under the clear starry skies with a Continuum Campout called "Stars and Water, Water and Stars." We met along the Camino Real at Balmorhea State Park almost half way between where each of us lives. The idea was to find a new way to be together and include nature and invite students, colleagues and friends to come together and experiment in creating a satisfying experience, while letting go of the workshop/retreat structure. We created a new collaborative shaping, showing up and offering our gifts into the world. There was a blizzard in West Texas so we ended up scattered in various motels, though we had a shared group campsite. When I pulled into our campsite I saw rabbit having a conversation with road runner. I thought it was an interesting pairing, out in the open these two were within 18" from one another. Everywhere I went I saw road runners and rabbits. Road runner came in last summer running up and down the sidewalk. I could see her from my studio at home. She said, "Stop. Go a different direction." She has the ability to use her tail as an air brake and change directions effortlessly. This coincides with how some babies awaken from being sound asleep to full on "pay attention to me grandma!" It is good practice to have such a resilient and flexible system that we can shift so easily. We swam in the warm springs of Balmorhea and spotted a great horned owl at sunset, calling from the tree above the water. Their were 6 of us, participating in this experiment, from Florida, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas. We slowed down and soaked in the stars and water and we laughed and played and cooked together. We worked the DreamTechnology and painted with Living Water from Balmorhea and also from Tasmania. It was liberating, a lot of work and totally worth it. We plan to do it again next year! Want to come?

IMG 5191
IMG 5209

From Balmorhea we drove down to Alpine, through Ft. Davis and some of the most beautiful country I've seen. It was hard not to stop every few minutes to soak it all in and take photos. In Alpine, we gathered at the Kokernot Lodge, a part of Sul Ross University. The lodge has special significance for Imelda Garcia, our sponsor, because her family and ancestors have been gathering and enjoying the area for hundreds and maybe thousands of years. We felt her deep appreciation for the area. The first moment there I was greeted by roadrunner and rabbit again. We saw mule deer, javelina, coyotes, owls and one antelope who had apparently been adopted by a herd of deer. The three ancient cottonwoods were very welcoming and cooperative. It was the perfect setting for creating a warm container for movement, art making, journaling, resting, ceremony and eating. Everyone contributed to our time together and we had 4 dogs in the room! It was truly a 'species inclusive' gathering.


IMG 5611

(Detail from a larger piece )One of the "Three Wise Men" with a handlebar mustache and words of warning, "Listen or Die."

Warrior Cloth Peace Council 
Living Water Spirit Cloth 
48" X 16 ' 
Private Collection

As a resonant organism made mostly of water we create opportunities for our fluid system to be reset from wilderness. The light of stars forming distant galaxies seems to permeate our fluid bodies, clarifying for each of us the question of- "Why am I here?" In the realm of DreamTech this might look like an antenna unfurling through the tree beings. Try it if you need clarity of vision/purpose.

The Tree Spirits holding us had a lot to teach as we worked. One transmission came through that brought us into resonance with the layer of tissue that encapsulates the gut lining, the mesenteric layer. We evolved it into a movement exploration and will be working with this motif in the "Body Wisdom" series bringing February 1st. Their may be an online version, if the interest is there.

IMG 5416

This is me in front of a piece of art (Deconstructed Silk Screen with Living Water, Hand Painting and stencil) recently sold to my colleague, Robin Becker, title, "The Goddess Isis Wants Her Name Back." It was created in collaboration with my niece Roya Sodeifi, art student at VCU.

2016 Teacher gathering at Seven Oaks Retreat Center in Madison, VA. January 13-17th.

Upcoming Classes and Open Studio


Forum: "Where's the Quake in Quaker?" 
Date: March 13, 2016 
Place: Friends Meeting San Antonio, 7052 N. Vandiver, San Antonio 78209 
Time:11:30 AM-12:30 PM.

This forum ask questions about the origin of Quakerism and explores somatically, ways we enter "A Gathered Meeting." It will also look at the context of "Quaking" in a body hating culture. 
Movement and Art Series: "Moving Wisdom" 
Dates: February 1-April 4th, 2016 
Place: Friends Meeting San Antonio, 7052 N. Vandiver, San Antonio, TX 78209 
Time: Noon- 2PM 
Fee: $100 donation to FMSA. (No charge for Members and Attenders to Friends Meeting)

IMG 4999  1

Open Studio 
Blue Star Arts Complex 
First Friday Art Walk 
February 5, 2016 
6-9 PM

"Tree's Conversing" 
Living Water Spirit Cloth with Aboriginal Print fabric (by artist W. Evans) appliqué with hand stitching. 

For the Fall

September- A gathering in Rockport, TX with Patty Adamik (Continuum Movement Teacher from Houston) and myself.

October- A pod gathering in Woodford County, Ky. Contact me if you are interested.

Still working on dates...

Need to work long distance?

IMG 2270

Private sessions available by phone or Skype. If you wish to be "Held in the Light" in my daily practice in the Imaginal, drop me a line.

Love and blessings to you and your family this new year, Suzanne

Isamu Taniguchi

Taniguchi Garden Series Back during my Saturn return of 1986, I worked with Isamu Taniguchi (b.1897-1994). Tomorrow, December 4th is his birthday. During our time together we shared a moment where he saw the essence of me. He said, "Suzanne, you know the garden." Then he removed his hat and bowed to me, all the way to the earth. At that moment I was filled with light energy coming up through my feet and sprouting out of the top of my head. It was transformational and set me on the artist path. These past few months I have had the opportunity to bow to others whom I am mentoring, and the completion of that cycle feels very satisfying.

I am in such a slowed down mode. We have our grandchildren and my beloveds oldest daughter and her husband living in our home these past four months, with three more to go. Falling completely in love with a baby is AMAZING! I am learning and playing and enjoying this time capsule.

Grandmothering, like mentoring is such a beautiful two way event. I am grateful for all the mentoring I've had from many of you! Thanks. I'm sending you gratitude.

Staying Well & New DreamTech

IMG 4864

Remember if someone is sick near you visualize your immune response, maybe as one connected troop of soldiers and they all have linked arms. If you feel symptoms and think you are coming down with an illness, you can use the "Stove App" and ask your body to put it on a back burner and turn it down so low you don't have any symptoms. It runs its course and you have about 1/100th of the symptoms. It also gives your head something to do besides worry.

Lots of new DreamTech are arriving with my exploration into the imaginal. One of my favorite lately is the BUOY. It came in during Gael Rosewoods' dive during the recent Wellsprings of Inspiration training in Austin. The Buoy App is an anchor floating in the place you need it, by remembering it and activating it you can get back there again. Remember to drop a buoy the next time you have a need for a shortcut, or want to remember something important. They are useful and I use the Buoy to find my way without a lot of effort and process. They are immediate.

Another helpful piece of DreamTech is brackets. Whenever I feel myself being pulled "out of flow" or I'm noticing in sensation the pre-movement that I am about to be pulled out of flow, I see in my minds eye a set of giant brackets [ ] floating in space. They are a short cut for tracking 1) noticing what is; 2) asking how that feels in my body; 3) letting go of it. It happens so fast, I don't loose the flow at all, my experience is the brackets are outside of space/time. Try them!

The Essence of Space is Conductivity


Prelim2- A Study for “The Essence of Space is Conductivity” 
17 x 24 
Mixed Media on Paper 

We recently added a gallery of preliminary drawings and paintings to my website from my three year study called "Resonance: A study of Tensegrity in our connective tissue." Many of the original textiles were collected by Emilie Conrad and used in her retreats and workshops, to help hold the space for the fluid intelligence. Unfortunately, the finished work disappeared when she died, so this might be all that remains. These pieces can be rolled up so they ship easily.


Upcoming Opportunities to Participate

Continuum Campout 
Amber Gray and I are hosting a Continuum Campout in West Texas, January 2-9th, 2016. We are inspired to invite community & find a new way to bring Continuum Movement and our own work to the region between Santa Fe and San Antonio, (along the Camino Real). No charge unless we have to rent a movement room. Contact one of us if you are interested. If you don't know my colleague Amber, she works internationally with victims of abuse and torture.

Body Wisdom Practice Group beginning February 1st Noon - 2 at the Quaker Meetinghouse, 7052 E. Vandiver, San Antonio, Texas. This session will meet for 12 weeks, and explore the material from the two January retreats. $10 suggested donation to Friends Meeting Childrens' Garden.

Dark Retreat- 2 places left 
January 21st-25th. 
Contact Beverly Bajema for registration and content information. [email protected] 
$475. Some partial scholarships are available

Conscienceless Query- Ran for a year and we are complete with that at this time.

Private Session by phone or in person 
$90. No charge for an initial consultation.

Daily Practice

IMG 4517  1

In my Quaker Meeting we tell those in need we will "hold them in the Light." This has become an important component of my daily practice. In my "Inquiry into the Imaginal," I start with a continuum dive that engages the imaginal. Entering open attention, I "clock in" to my job in the imaginal realm. Often I will see a printer shoot out a paper with what I am being ask to address in the session. In one session, I saw a cow farting methane and since I had been painting and communicating with the micro-organisms that clean up pollution and oil spills, (see painting to the right) I made contact and engaged their cooperation. An imaginary micro-organism emerged that was alive in the cows' stomach. When it eats the methane it poots out little methane eating micro-organisms that float up to the ozone layer and reproduce and spread. I figure it can't hurt to have a conversation with these organisms. The interesting thing is later in the summer, I'm walking with a friend and she says, "I think I heard about that happening on NPR." Anyway, this is my life on many 
afternoons, in my part time job that I perform in the imaginal realm.

Sometimes I tend the "boat"parts of me and sometimes I tend the "sea," to quote Susan Harper. Fiercely cultivating and tending the imaginal helps me feel useful. Maybe they help?

I end these sessions with the practice of holding situations, people, our planet "IN the Light." I see the person and then support them with the Light. Its always different, recently I saw a tree of light supporting one of my friends, so that became how I tend her in the imaginal.

If you want to be "held in the Light" during my daily inquiry drop me a message, I would love to know what your grand dreams are and to play with you and explore the nature of the imaginal. Let me know if you are interested.

IMG 4526

This is a Living Water Painting that came through. I see two Ganesh's and a humpback whale friend in a cosmic dance.

Thanks for being in my world for a little while, as my mentor Isamu Taniguchi said, "It is my wish that you have pleasant communion with the Spirit of the Garden."

LillyOtter/Suzanne Wright Crain

07 22 01

Cultivating Cheerfulness

Greetings Friend! 

I heard recently that the Dali Lama said the most important quality to cultivate is cheerfulness. How interesting! For many years, my friend and mentor, Susan Harper, has modeled taking on a quality for a year at a time. So "cheerfulness" is becoming my friend this year. I'm noticing the quality of my moments improving dramatically! Is their an aspect you are taking on this year? I would love to hear about how that is going for you. I'm noticing that focusing on cheerfulness means I am smiling a lot more and doing things that are fun, like group play/water exercise. My husbands' daughter and her family are living with us, while they transition back to San Antonio, so I am getting lots of time with Evelyn (6 months) and Luke (nearly 4). "Tummy Time" on the floor with Evelyn and being with Luke in nature are some of my favorite parts of every day life.

ps. The river otters are back in the creek (on our KY farm). We saw two adults and one juvenile.

IMG 2192

Recently, I started a three year inquiry into investigating the Imaginal. Previous inquiries were Connective Tissue resulting in art and teachings called the Tensegrity Series; after that I studied the Glial Cells and created an "Astrocyte Series." This new inquiry means that my life, energy and work are focused on this query and every group, organization, friend and colleague I know is invited to participate. Are you interested in being in dialog about the imaginal? If so, I encourage you to find a way to participate. I've been ask by one of my collaborators to offer an hour tele-conference soon, to start a larger dialog. It's called "Coming Into Resonance" the description is below. If your interested in practicing how to use your imagination to effect change in body process, and share your experiences with others, I encourage you to be on the call.

Continuum Movement & The Cosmic Body 
Beginning February 1, 2016 
Mondays, Noon-2 Current classes By appointment 
Quaker Meetinghouse, 7052 N. Vandiver, San Antonio, TX 78209 
RSVP [email protected]

Jungle Gym Refresher 
August 10th, 1-4PM 
Austin, TX $25 
E-mail Beverly Bajema for registration [email protected]

Coming Into Resonance- One hour Free Teleconference. 
August 11, 11 Am-Noon, central time. E-mail [email protected] for registration information. It will be recorded to listen to later, if you cannot be on the call. (You still need to register to have access to the recording). 
I will give a short demo tracking how to perspective shift and work with nature and then others on the call will track while we all listen and tune in. This kind of extreme empathy is the fuel for working with the Imaginal.

First Friday Art Walk 
Bluestar Art Complex 

Diving Into the Dark- Private Studio South Austin 
January Thursday, January 21, Noon-Monday 25th, 1PM 
Includes two days of silence. 
Contact Beverly Bajema for pricing and registration. [email protected]

Private sessions available by phone or in the flesh, by appointment.


The irony in cultivating cheerfulness is doing it while witnessing the devastation our species has created on Earth. So I hold the cheerfulness moment to moment while witnessing the mass destruction we create and mourning the reality that I feel the spirit of the Earth, (Gaia whatever you call her) diminishing. I no longer feel we can "save the planet" or that that is even a reasonable request. Is humanity, as a species a failed experiment? Consciousness is eternal, so will all Beings here awaken at some point in a different kind of body somewhere else in the multi-verse, to continue our spiritual journey? Maybe that is how it has always been, who knows? I'm not giving up hope that somehow our species and many others might be rescued, but I no longer struggle with cognitive dissonance about our fate as a species. This is a huge shift for me and it takes all my courage to face it and continue witnessing what Is, without the candy coating.

I read an article on Facebook (thanks Helen Luce) recently where they were talking about finding heavy metals in organic kale, one of my favorite foods. 
“We now know that heavy metals are additive and synergistic,” he said. “If you get a little thallium, and a little lead, and a little cadmium in your system, you’ve got one plus one plus one equals five or six, not just three.” The reason, he said, is that metals and chemicals might each have different effects by themselves, but they “share similar sites of action where they disrupt metabolism.” Ernie Hubbard, Vegetable Detective

This makes me sad. I realize that there are no organic foods anymore, everything is polluted by we puny humans collectively. We do the best we can, under our current circumstances. An APP flew in to help, so I thought I would share my experience with it.

Last Friday- I see the foreman (one of my main APPS) holding a miniature metal detector, like you would use on the beach. He is scanning my cells one at a time. I see them, they look like frog eggs in this image and I also see the particle of metal that he has found. From his belt he removes what looks like a hypodermic needle but a very small one and sucks the metal bit into it. Here's the interesting bit, instead of tossing it in the dumpster like we normally do with contaminants, (when it is full) we/he put it in a wound in the Earth. This all happened in a fraction of a second. As the Foreman was doing this work, I had a cleansing reaction and was completely out of it for most of that day. It started with nausea, and a headache at my temples, then diarrhea followed by sleeping all day and finally toward evening, I ask the Foreman if there were some places in my body that needed heavy metals and we both saw examples of that, so I amended the instructions and he went back to work, with an extra setting on the metal detector that read "Helpful." The foreman Grokked the situation completely and while he worked through the rest of the detox, I began to feel completely well, my energy restored.

It is such a drag to receive newsletters, even quarterly ones, if you don't want them. Please let me know immediately and without hesitation if you no longer want to receive mine. Thanks! Suzanne

07 22 10

Glimpse Deeper Levels of Order and Relatedness

Hi Everyone,

Emilie Conrad came to me in a dream before Thanksgiving; we were teaching together. At the end of the dream there was so much that I wanted to remember from our workshop and so much I wanted to share with her. All that I saw was three infinity signs one above and two below and they were burning, as if to burn them in my memory. When I awakened, I didn't remember anything from the workshop we were teaching except her presence and the infinity signs. Frustrated, I let go of the dream and became lucid (after Arnold Mindell's teachings). Laying in bed and moving my body, I allowed the looping infinity shape to inform my movement. It felt very satisfying and nourishing. Shortly later I was drawn to the book by Gyorgy Doczi, "The Power Of Limits: Proportional Harmonies in Nature, Art and Architecture." He shows the patterns and harmonies in nature and our bodies. "Patterns generated by spirals moving in opposite directions are frequent in nature...they concern us as special instances of a more general pattern-forming process: the union of complimentary opposites. Sun and moon, male and female, positive and negative electricity, Yin and Yang-the union of opposites has been since ancient times an important concept in mythology and mystery religions." The illustration above, from Doczi's book is a diagram of a daisy and illustrates "Dinergy" his term for this universal pattern-forming process.

A dive came through these two influences where we played with holding the opposites as we used puffed O sound to press into the ground with our feet opening to the piezo and then allowing it to spiral on the diagonal up the leg and through the sacrum to the fingertips then back down. Where the opposites meet is an opportunity to be in the "emerging unexpected" and practice NOT WORKING ON YOURSELF. Allowing whatever wants to enter to simply BE. I thought it the perfect exploration for this time of year, as we approach the Winter Solstice.


This is a collage called, "Standing on the Threshold of Wisdom Loving Bones." Inspired by the experience of the spirals via Dinergy, that I made years ago when Susan Harper first brought the work to my awareness.


Here is an alchemical illustration of the Caduceus, may it inspire your dives and inquiry during the High Holy Days to come! 
A prayer (paraphrasing something David Spangler said) "Allow us to be one heart (if only for a moment), sharing the circulation of the unobstructive universe, glimpsing deeper levels of order and relatedness."

Thanks for your kind attention. Love, Peas and Homony, LillyOtter/Suzanne