Imagination as a "Double Edged Sword:" How to Create and agree to the "Terms and Conditions."

No doubt we all know how to make a tickle in the throat into a full-blown cold through worrying in our imagination. We also know how to sabotage our immunity and catch the flu from the person next to us on the airplane, who is coughing and sneezing. Though misguided, it proves how much power our imagination has and establishes our awe and fear of it. Bringing the imaginal in as an ally requires renegotiating this relationship and defining, in writing the agreement we have with our imaginative consciousness. Our current agreements with the imaginal are often one of ambivalence, meaning sometime what I am imagining works in my favor ie., I don't catch the cold and other times it seems to work against me. In the instant I see myself ill, my imagination agrees and by the time the situation or interaction is over, I am showing symptoms. Another common theme is, I have a symptom, say a swollen tongue and before long I believe myself to have the worst case scenario, tongue cancer of whatever came up when I googled it. How do we use our imaginations for our benefit and not be at the mercy of them?

Lets stop for a moment and redefine some terms. When I use the term "imaginal," it corresponds to "Munus Imaginalis" 1 a precise mode of perception coined by Henri Corbin, referring to a precise order of reality. When we use the term "Imaginary" in the west, it means "unreal." Here we are using the term Mundus Imaginalis or The Imaginal (capitalized) to refer to an order of reality designated by theosophers in Islam as the "eighth climate," and the organ that perceives this reality, the "imaginative consciousness." Every indigenous culture has their way of speaking to and working The Imaginal. Native Americans speak of "Spirit," the Aborigines of Australia use the term Dreamtime, Malidoma Some from the West Africa, uses the term "Organic Technology." Regardless the dis- similarity of these cultures, they are all working with the Imaginal, however different and unique the method. My method of working with Dream Technology and inner Apps, is somatic in origin. Though I have always worked this way, learning how to teach it to others has grown out of my many years Continuum Movement practice. It is a western way of working and available and open to any who want to use it without having a particular religion or belief system attached. We have a way of working that hooks up the neurology in such a way that we collaborate with the Imaginal.

Everything invented was first imagined. Our body has approximately between 70-200 trillion cells. On the cell membrane are receptors that are antennae like structures that decide what gets across the membrane/ and in and out of the cell. Some of these receptors have the ability to respond to imagination (2 Dr. Bruce Lipton, The Biology of Belief). Through simple exercises and continuum movement explorations, we recalibrate your neural pathways giving you free access to the potential waiting in your imagination. This method offers a way to come into greater resonance with your own core being, and explore your existence as a cosmic body.

I will address the tendencies of our unfiltered imagination, in this section.

When we first hook-up the nuerology for playing with the Imaginal we load in a failsafe. This is because, from childhood, every one of us has a different and complicated relationship with the Imaginal, based on our life experiences. Our brains and psyche develop defense structures and mechanisms to keep us safe by editing out anything that didn't fit the safe "reality" we need to survive. This editing while important to keep our sanity, also edits and presents a picture of “reality” not Reality. While this is important, we filter out many of the play cues that our imagination sends and over time we ignore them completely. In this method we recalibrate our neural pathways using simple kinesthetic to visual hook-up exercises so that we reconnect to the play cues and form a collaborative relationship with the Imaginal realm. Over time our experiences, creates reinforcement allowing us to stay in dialog with body process. It is very simple, though effective. We start with creating an agreement called "The Covenant" followed by Hook-Up Exercise #1.

With your non-dominate hand, do your best to write the following sentence:

"I agree to use any tool; idea; medicine; animal; plant; person; energy; invention; object; device; or technology from any culture (past, present or future) in my organism, imaginally, for the benefit of myself and all Beings."

Sign your name.


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