Scheduled Events

WHERE: Meet at Balmorhea State park on Saturday or Sunday, January 2 or 3. We will spend the weekend there, surrounded by generous land and pools. On Monday we move to land near historic Kokernut Lodge at Sul Ross College in Alpine, where we will create a sacred and cozy space for art making, deep dives into movement, sound and silence; and ceremony.  BALMORHEA INFO:  http://tpwd.texas.gov/state-parks/balmorhea


Join Authorized Continuum Movement teachers Suzanne Wright Crain & Amber E. Gray
from January 2-9, 2016 in beautiful West Texas

Where we will rest deeply into earth, swim in stars and move the watersthat always stir us. We will explore fluid movement, sounding, deep silence, ceremony and art. We will share our dreams and explore landscapes of hot springs (http://chinatihotsprings.net/) the unusual and magical stars and night sky of Marfa (http://thenightsky.org/marfa.html) and tend to our creative nature in the heart of nature.

For details please contact Suzanne: [email protected] or Amber:[email protected]. Our dreaming letter is below.

“All water everywhere, in you, in me, frozen in the space between stars, is one connected organ of intelligence.” Theodore Schwenk

Continuum movement originates from our bio intelligence. The industrial revolution threatened to hold the body hostage until the fluid choreography that is integral to our creation was rediscovered, in the mid 20th century by Emilie Conrad D’oud. She was initiated through Haitian dance, and through her immersion in Haiti’s rich legacy of traditional healing. It was through the embodied experience of the wave motion of the cosmic serpent that she began a lifelong inquiry that birthed and grew Continuum Movement.  The ongoing transmission of this work, through her teachers, attunes us to our innate resonance with all water, everywhere.

Suzanne and Amber are both Authorized Continuum Movement teachers. We are dreaming a gathering where other teachers and practitioners  can play, relate, create and exchange. We want to meet along the Camino Real between our two cities. We want to camp or have a shared bunkhouse or cabin; set up a group movement and arts tent; steward and bless the geography that connects us.

We want to play and create spontaneous ceremony from the traditions of those present, as we weave connections:  Entering nature with awareness and respect, we will connect with the elementals and invoke the Holy Spirit in Water; paint and create art with the Living Water. 

We want to weave ancient wisdoms from our collective background, and ceremony to co-create a place where women are safe to move, dance, rest, nest and practice Continuum Movement. We will use our breath and sound to create a song, sung to the tissues. the land and the stars:  A “Call all and Response “ that invokes the way frogs call to one another on a pond at night.  If called we will go into silence for 2-3 days and hold an “all-nighter” in the space we share, so that we enter the dream space and sleep, when we need to, in our own “nests”.

We want to share the practices and prayers we do every day; with new people, long-time friends, on fresh and sacred land.

Who we are:

Amber Gray is an Authorized Continuum Movement teacher, an award winning dance movement therapist, and a Sevito in the Fran Ginee tradition of Vodou (Haiti). She is considered a pioneer in the integration of somatic and movement based therapies for survivors of extreme trauma, and teaches this work globally.  She loves this world.

Suzanne Wright Crain is passionate about sharing Dream Technology, forging cooperative relationship with body process through deep play and dialog with the imaginal. She is a healing artist who works with Living Water. She lives and works in San Antonio, TX. and from her farm in Versailles, KY. She is a veteran, and active member of the Friends Meeting of San Antonio.